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dominique agostini : about the internal divorce : impasse and overcoming

Through his clinical material of a therapy, the author will analyze, on the one hand, the impact of the puberty surge on internalization, far before puberty, of deeply disunited parents. On the other hand, the author will study the transformations which, vectorized by the therapeutic process, will indeeed preside to the reuniting of the internal parents. The author will develop that such a deep reconciliation is specifically fruitful for the adolescent process and has indeed an impact on its coming to be achieved, thus enabling the subject to begin his life as an adult.
The clinical study will pay a specific care to the separations during the holidays. Such holidays always represent, for the infantile parts, the parents’ sexual intercourses and the mother’s pregnancy. The clinical data will illustrate how such breaches in the therapeutic setting renew, with the internal divorce, « nameless agonies » colliding with the fantasy of « combined parents ». Both the internal divorce and the combined parents will appear as being the major obstacles to entering the adult life.

Dominique Agostini : Melanie Klein, Analyst of Adolescents: III. The Case of “Willy”

Based on the case of “Felix,” which led to the concepts of internal objects and unconscious fantasies, and the case of “Ilse,” in which the focus was on the Kleinian concepts of feminine sexual identity, the author explores material from the analysis of “Willy” (aged fourteen). In this analysis, Klein illustrates and conceptualizes — as in the cases of Felix and Ilse — that revisiting the early Oedipal phase during adolescence is the condition  <i>sine qua non</i> for the joint integrative development of psychic bisexuality and “psychic puberty.” Klein relates this work to the concepts of the feminine phase common to both sexes, of combining parents, and of male homosexuality.