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Christian Bonnet, Stéphanie Pechikoff : adolescent romance and pubertary scenes

We suggest the notion of adolescent romance, to be understood in this way : the articulation of the structure of the family romance with pubertary scenes, as « new » scenes or composition/creations, within a dimension that is more elaborative than defensive. The adolescent romance is not a simple re-issue, but rather the creation of a desiring scenario whose movement requires three logical steps: a switching on of the structures of family romance ; then, the highlighting of pubertary scenes composed of « blazons » attached to the desiring axes ; and lastly, a narrative movement which produces this adolescent romans in the transference in the clinical exchanges. In the cases of Gunther and Celeste, the romances are analyzed, their forms as well as their functions of elaboration and of psychical construction in the service of adolescens processes. The adolescent romance, when it reveals itself in the transference, is specific and is distinguished from the Freudian family romance by the representativeness of the pubertary scenes.

revue Adolescence, 2011, T. 29 n°4, pp. 787-800.