Olivier Ouvry : the street as a counter-phobic object

The purpose of this article is to explore the street as a space for the adolescent’s possible confrontation with the newness of the pubertaire, in terms of radical alterity and possible encounter. This will lead us to develop the dialectic between the intra-psychical world of the adolescent, confronted with the effects of the inaugural real of the pubertaire, and the world of the social, as a place for the possible figuration of this real by the encounter with other of the Other sex. Here we will revisit the dialectical issues of theoretical perspectives developed by the revue Adolescence (Philippe Gutton) and those argued by le Bachelier (Jean-Jacques Rassial), moving from an intra-psychical and intra-familial reference to that of the social as a place for the constitution of the adolescent symptôme.