Myriam Boubli : About the same being too similar, towards the slight dissimilarity within the quest of otherness.

The question at stake consists in showing and analyzing two movements of sexualization at adolescence and their vicissitudes. The former psychical movement, both chaste and  » courtly  » is the sine qua non condition of the latter. It enables recognition and elaboration of emotions, the surge of personal thought and the acceptance of otherness. During this first psychical movement the almost delirious illusion of belonging to both sexes is gradually left behind through the love experience using the partner as a double who is only a little dissimilar, thus enabling the subject to disentangle himself from the Oedipian parents. Thanks to such an emotional experience, the adolescent alters his links with his identenfication and love objets and becomes more aware of some of his modes of thought.

The second movement widens the capacity to learn from experience, insight, the acceptance of otherness, and enables a genital, stable and flourishing sexual closeness through the integration of psychical bisexuality.