Jean-Bernard Chapelier: homosexuality, homophilia and the fantasy of auto-engerdering

The fantasy of auto-engendering ( which takes into account and gives meaning to the appearance of mature genital sexuality) contributes to giving up the libidinal (sexualized) family investment of the oedipal type (trans-generational) in favor of a sexual investment of the homo generational type. This process of the passage from the family to the social group (of peers) is complex and calls forth varied fantasies in the form of scenes (pubertal, pedophilic, sadomasochistic…) which refer to the internal groups.The fantasy of auto-engendering, denies, at the same time, castration, the primal scene, the difference between the sexes but it develops temporarily what we call homophilia. In this context, homosexuality can be thought of as an avatar of this badly worked through homophilia. To defend this position clinical material (individual and group ) is referred to as well as initiation practices.