Florence Guignard: is there a specifity of analytic training for adolescent careÊ?

In order to answer such a question, the author wishes to ponder over the evolution of the specificities of both children and adolescents in the past fifteen years in the Western countries and in France in particular. She concludes in stressing a progressive wiping out of the several specificities of the latency period, of puberty and of the second period of adolescence. Such a conclusion is loaded with consequences since it questions in a totally new approach the whole erection of repression and biphasism of post-Oedipian identifications as they were described by Freud.
From the point of view of the present training of the psychoanalyst roughly speaking, she suggests that the pattern of child psychoanalysis should remain the princeps pattern, thus being followed by adolescent psychoanalysis without opposing the one to the other in any other way but the very psychological structures of the subjects to which such patterns are meant to refer.