Jean-Pierre Klein: adolescents and creative violence

Discourse and attitudes in the face an adolescent’s violence in reaction to the violent transformation of the body which is imposed on him or her are themselves often a reaction within the counter-violence (the author enumerates the five usual traps), while a desiring violence can often generate works of fiction that will indirectly treat their problems, mixing the relation to the law of the father and the reunions with the mother’s song. The adolescent defines himself semiotically as a “ negative subject ”, declining the verbs “ want ”, “ ought ”, “ know” and “ can” in the negative. How the can “ creation as process of transformation ” help to re-establish oneself as the “ subject of a quest ”, in search of one’s identity under construction ? Can the experience of psychotherapy feed other practices, including those that don’t seem to be asking to be fed ? The author, a psychotherapist and dramatist, relates an experience with a writing workshop involving adolescents who have been expelled from middle school because of their behavior and their violent speech.