Archives par mot-clé : Voluntary termination of pregnancy

Brigitte Mytnik : le fantasme de magmamatrice*

Here we study the question of the bond between mother and daughter. In some of its occurrences, it uses the fertility as a support.
The words of three teenagers and their mothers concerning the occurrence of a « surprise » pregnancy and the wish to terminate it shows us a singular form of passage by the flesh which nourishes itself on an organizing originating fantasy: that of a undifferentiated collective matrix, the Magmamatrice.

Ignacio Melo : pregnant adolescents

Using his experience of specific psychiatric consultation for adolescents at the Geneva Maternity Hospital, the author offers some thoughts on pregnancy in adolescence, the psychical transformations that it conditions, and the work around the proposal that the pregnancy be terminated. The place of the girl’s parents and that of the adolescent father are also treated. The desire for a child in adolescence is treated with reference to the girl’s history and her future.