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Vincent Di Rocco : « on the edge of the world ». psychotic processes and creative processes at the end of the adolescence

Through the case of Émétério, young schizophrenic and talented photographer, the author wishes to show the importance of links between dead ends of the subjectivation of the adolescent process and the emergence of psychotic states at the end of this period of existence. In the psychotherapeutic setting, artistic work and the dream-work join in an attempt at reflexive representation of the failed psychic processes. The clinical analysis concerns more specifically the dialectic of the processes called « borderline », oscillating between creation and erasure of the differential boundaries, in connection with the hypotheses of G. Lavallée regarding the break of the containing and subjectivating reflexive circle of vision. The author also makes the hypothesis that the fates of this work of construction and demolition arouse a particular interest in adults about the relationships the teenager weaves with creation and death.

Adolescence, 2011, T. 29 n°1, pp. 135-145.