Archives par mot-clé : Psychoanalytic psychodrama

Chantal Giddey, Sandra Lopez : caught up in the game, caught up in the body

We will offer some thoughts on the issue of the co-therapists’ bodies in individual psychoanalytic psychodrama for adolescents. We will try to show how the corporal experience of co-therapy gives birth to psychical representations that can be used in psychodramatic play. We will also investigate the difficulties of a treatment process that implies the engagement of the whole body. Lastly, we will discuss the therapeutic indications for such treatment and the pitfalls of seduction when dealing with adolescents who are often open to the danger of being overwhelmed by their drives.

Camille Zimmerman, Gabriela Guzman, Alice Titia Rizzi, Hawa Camara, Marina Rusha, Marie Rose Moro : on individual psychanalytical psychodrama

This article discusses individual psychoanalytic psychodrama in a health center for adolescents (« Maison des Adolescents-Maison de Solenn »). After a brief historical and theoretical review, the authors present their treatment setting, which is based on individual psychoanalysis, group psychoanalysis and transcultural psychiatry. The psychodramatic treatment of an internationally adopted young girl will then be displayed.