Archives par mot-clé : Murder of the father

Serge Lesourd, Eric Bidaud : a child warlord : the “ real-ization ” of the murder of the father

From their work with an adolescent caught up in the violence of inter-ethnic strife, who became a warrior at the age of ten after his family was murdered by the other clan, the authors examine the enactment in reality of the murder of the father and its effects on the subject’s place within the social bond, leading in to the issues raised by the violence of today’s youths as a “ real-ization ” of the murder of the father.

Adnan-Adel Houbballah : war scene and adolescent fantasies

The author starts from the idea that every war is determined by a fantasy presiding over the actions of men. This psychical reality is all the more true in that civil war, which has become a universal phenomenon, has its causality in the myth of the murder of the father. At this intersection between myth and fantasy, the adolescent finds himself back at the center of his Oedipal preoccupations. The war scene becomes for him the privileged place for enacting his aggressive and incestuous fantasies. A strategy that consists of dispensing with the symbolic castration, especially since the ideal father bursts onto the scene to compensate for the weakness of the real father.

Serge Lesourd : « father, i don’t want you to burn ! »

The support of an Œdipal father appears to be a strongly present factor in the actual treatment of the adult and the adolescent. The author analyzes this relationship with the father as refusal of the pubertaire passage, which necessitates the bringing down of the father in order to make better use of him in one’s adult relations with enjoyment and pleasure. The present social bond which makes the father and his decline the center of the « transformation » of the world thus constructs an impasse for the subject in his passage towards adult life.

Éric Toubiana : daddy, mommy, the net and me

The polemic that certain web sites give rise to is all the more enthralling in that this tool signals a real rupture in the nature of investments between the new generation and the old. The turnabout in identity transmission positions is one of the avatars generated by the invasion of avatars with the family unit. Freud wrote a few words about the telephone at the time of « Civilization and its discontents ». What would he say about Second Life in our « Crisis in the Culture » ?

Adolescence, 2009, T. 27, n°3, pp. 679-687.