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JURRANVILLE A.: Chid epilepsy and trauma. A few thoughts on a new kind of moderne “ possession ” 

This paper suggets a new appproach of the problem of the psychological status of some kinds of epileptic fits in chidhood and adolecence as linked with some trauma tic situations, in terms of the traditional Freudian interpretation of Dostoievski and parricide. It is in terms of an incorporative defence of a melancholic nature that one may stress the strictly psychosomatic dimension of the fit. Such a fit enables a “ suject ” to surge (in fact, quite desubjecticized) possessed by the “ obscene and creul ” superego as mentioned by Lacan. Such a fit seems to be an impossible task of mourning,so long as in its drive like violence it “ recaptures ” the trauma’s libidinal loading by repeating it on a kind of “ infernal ” way (Freud). The thera peutic perspectives underlying such a paradoxical function of trauma go further beyong the clinical and theoretical dialogue open between Freud and Firenczi