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Adolescence is a time of great vulnerability for identity because of internal turmoil caused by the eruption of puberty and real consequences for his psychic economy. This identity is inconceivable without a meeting must for any teenager with the question of death and its outcome. The author attempts to examine how a modern society mélancoliforme, the teenager, suffering from Baudelaire’s spleen, is testing its ability to survive the experience of confrontation with death that depends on its becoming psychic adult.

Vincent Cornalba : the valiant hacker. prince of the impossible

In this study, the author recalls the unshakeable link between the figure of the hero and the fate that awaits him. The adolescent, faced with this example of virtues that both provide structure and produce anxiety, may be l ask for anonymity while demanding to be called a hero. This is what the Anonymous movement, apart from its obvious objectives, seems to represent. It is a question of trying to dissociate the heroic act from the hero’s fate, the subject refusing to pay the exorbitant price of heroism that nevertheless feeds the search for subjectivation. The regime of the impossible serves as a backdrop and is thus the real question for the adolescent.
Adolescence, 2013, T. 31, n°2, pp. 377-391.