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Delage Michel – Adolescence, family crisis and work on the bond

Adolescence is a crisis of the bond which makes it necessary for the adolescent to elaborate new connections with his environment. When a consultation is sought for different disorders, these should be studied at the same time within the logic of meaning characteristic of the subject and within the logic of the functioning characteristic of a dysfunctional family. A clinical observation illustrates the different therapies that are used in several directions.

Adolescence, septembre 2002, 20, 3, 603-614


»This article presents the evolution of the family situation of a man imprisoned for sex crimes and the three girls who were victims of these incestuous relations. The family therapy undertaken during the imprisonment and after the conditional release enabled – once the father admitted the deeds – a reconstruction of the family and true reparations for the victims who no longer wish to be considered as « victims «.»

Hélène Tournaire : sylvie at the center of a family therapy

The family therapy which took place for 4 years about Sylvie, an adolescent who was treated in a day hospital, shows the family’s pathogenic, symbiotic way of functioning, which is very hard to understand due to the trivializing, conformist speech that is produced. Sylvie has always managed to show genuine cooperation with the psychologists and the medical staff so that we have successfully helped her improve the chaotic situation she was in. Now she can describe her own case with more appropriate words.