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LAPLANCHE J. : The so-called death drive : a sexual drive 

In the first part of his paper, which is a historico-critical one, the author shows the function of the invention of a death drive in the course of the evolution of the Freudian thought. The death drive corresponds to finding to a new balance within the heart of the sexual theory, whereas it is wrongly considerd as being an external addition to the latter.In the second part of the paper , which is a metapsychological one, the author locates the daeth drive within the genesis of the psychical apparatus as being one of the consequences of primary repressin as id componnt. The opposition between life sexual drives and death sexual drives corresponds to the fundamental polarity between binding and unbinding. In the third part, the author attemps to delineate a general psychological theory of hate starting from three factors : self-preservative aggressiveness or fighting spirit, sadistic violence of the death sexual drive, and the narcissistic specular enjoyment.