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Philippe Givre : adolescent dreams and transformational

activity. the conceptual path of françois ladame
The conceptual approach proposed by François Ladame highlights the original notion of a « protective shield for the inside » whose internalization, during the second phase of separation-individuation, is one of the major issues of the adolescent phase. We must therefore show how the roles and functions of the Subconscious, the dream-work and the « protective shields for the inside »intermingle in order to achieve the development of the sexually differentiated body. All these interrelations and interweavings also rehabilitate the role of the Ego which must find compromises capable of integrating the new reality principle tied to the emergence of genitality and tolerating the presence of incestuous and parricidal fantasies that have been kept alive, bearing in mind that incest is at the heart of adolescence. For F. Ladame, this leads to the central idea that the true innovation, or even revolution, in adolescence, rests in the possibility of tolerating the exclusion of the primal scene, while keeping alive the representation of the relationship between the parental couple.

Adolescence, 2009, T. 27, n°1, pp. 177-198.

Patricia Grieve : freud’s legacy in adolescent psycho-analysis: the work of moses laufer

This paper explores some of Moses Laufer’s developments of Freudian ideas on puberty and adolescence. His concepts of developmental breakdown in adolescence and central masturbatory fantasy are discussed with emphasis on their clinical usefulness. The case of a young adult with a postponed adolescent breakdown is presented, in which an obsessive-delusional idea is seem as containing the derivatives of a central masturbatory fantasy.

Adolescence, 2009, T. 27, n°1, pp. 53-63.