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At the edges of a world

The aim of this article is to relate activism at the time of the pubertary process to the adolescent’s dual mission of finding a place in the world as it exists, and at the same time finding ways to express a drive that will always feel singular. Issues of reinvestment give rise to a search for the right relationship between binding and unbinding, an unavoidable dialectic which defines the human being’s inscription in the world.

Adolescence, 2021, 39, 1, 43-55.

Jean Laplanche : the sexual crime

The progressive disintegration in our modern societies of family systems and of the prohibition of incest allows us a theoretical step. If, outside of any family relationship, this double erasure has brought out the sexual crime as such – that is, the sexual abuse “ between the adults and the child ” (Ferenczi), this could be the sign the interdict did at all times try to contain – without being completely able to do so – the polymorphous and unbound sexuality present not only in the infant but in the infantile unconscious of the adult.