Hachet Pascal – Festive uses of cannabis

The very large number of adolescents who smoke cannabis in a festive – or recreational – way do not, of course, have an addictive relationship with “ joints ”. But it is interesting to note that the use of this product is never far from various aspects of the conflict that constitutes adolescent crisis : in addition to providing an alternative – or a complement – to alcohol-induced intoxication, it is a matter of modifying in a limited way what is thought and felt, so as to improve relations with other adolescents, familiarize oneself with desire and first sexual experiences, facilitate manifestations of humor and, sometimes, manage excessive sensitivity and disturbing sexual and aggressive fantasies. Psycho-educational interviews permit these adolescents to question more generally the malaise peculiar to their age, its relational consequences and the manner in which they try to remedy it. In this, the family may usefully be associated with the treatment.

Adolescence, septembre 2002, 20, 3, 581-590