Dominique Agostini : Creatures of hallucinosis

Transformations within hallucinosis [Bion W.R. (1965) Transformations] are the result of a primitive disaster. The  » nameless frights « , since devoid as they are of sufficiently cointaining container, are at the roots of such disaster and transformations at stake. Through the mechanism of hallucinosis – both a passive splitting and a pathological projective identification -, the author explores the world of self-begotten creatures by such mechanisms. Puberty transformations altered within the hallucinosis process represent the red thread running through this paper. A literary (Frankenstein) and psychoanalytic approach through the psychotherapies of Franck and Victor will lead the author to locate the primary disaster at the origin of creatures of hallucinosis within the primary cavity At puberty, creatures both at the same time hiding and revealing the primary breakdown grow from the breakdown in the primary cavity.