René Kaës : definitions of and approaches to the concept of the link

The problems of the intersubjective linnk do not coincide with the concepts of intrapsychical binding, of identification and object-relationship. From the psychoanalytical point of view, the consistency of the link is the specific unconscious psychical reality built by the meeting of two or several subjects. In terms of process, the link is the more or less stable movement of the investments, the representations and the actions which associate two or several subjects for the fulfilment of some their desires, or the deployment of common defences. Distinct from that which organizes the intrapsychical space of the singular subject, the logic of the link is that of the reciprocal implications, inclusions and mutual exclusions. The author defines the requirements of psychic work necessary to establish a link. He shows the epistemological stakes of a « third topic », heard like that of the intersubjectivity in his relationship with the internal space of the subjects of the link.

Adolescence, 2008, T. 26, n°3, pp. 763-780.