Rémy Potier, Pierre Bialès : friendship in the virtual world**

Starting from the interest for new technologies and for what they bring to the new practice of teenagers on the Internet, we will question the implication of blogs in friendly exchanges. Teenagers from 12 to 17 years old attest to their use of skyblogs and show how these take part in “ real ” friendship. The conundrum of forming lasting bonds of friendship will be investigated from the “ blogosphère ”. The body’s issues and the litmus test of ideal by virtual show the difficulties that new Internet technologies give rise to. Far from being a pathological haven, the blog can be a transitional space where the inner is shared with friends. Thus, according to the subjects, the teenager can find narcissistic solutions or make use of a new tool that will help him to grasp the modernity that forms a part of him. These tools will enable him to experiment and bring life to his friendly links