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Magali Ravit : « love is a bitch » : from the feminine to the killing of the feminine in the violent sex act

Using the clinical treatment of an incarcerated adolescent girl, the author considers how the commission of a violent sex act is a failure of the « work of passivity » leading to the murder of the feminine, what the author proposes to call « femininicide ». This slaying of the feminine is a response to the threat of being invaded by drives, which is strongly felt at the particular time of life which is adolescence. The article retraces the difficulties of Sonia’s clinical treatment during her time in the penal system. The passage by way of the act is envisioned as a scene bringing together and condensing internal psychical elements that cannot be organized or linked and threaten identity with rupture.
Adolescence, 2013, 30, 4, 935-944.