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Gianluigi Monniello : Therapeutic Actions in Psychotherapy with Adolescents

Like other basic psychoanalytical constructions, the theory of therapeutic action is currently undergoing revision, and theorists of different persuasions are suggesting different mechanisms.
In the domain of clinical research, the author argues that psychoanalytical psychotherapy with adolescents enables us to describe both treatment goals, (that is, changes) and technique (that is, the strategies that can help to bring about these changes). Interventions that facilitate change can be placed in one of two categories : those which make use of several transformational aspects of the therapeutic relationship, and those which increase insight and reinforce identity.
In particular, the treatment of an adolescent suffering from personality disorder calls into question the identity of the analyst who is specifically engaged in the process of self-analyzing his own adolescence. The work of recognizing and elaborating this process can prove to be a fundamental therapeutic action.
The description of two clinical vignettes will illustrate the different therapeutic actions that are in play.