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Emmanuelle Böe, Karine Lestideau, Georges Papanicolaou, Tahra Moulay, Chantal Wernoth : escale ado, a true-false « maison des adolescents »

Escale Ado was created in 2010 by combining two units of the Clinique Dupré : the Relais and the CATTP, a reception center and a treatment center. The pluri-disciplinary approach that is offered, the inscription into a network of structures of both kinds, makes Escale Ado similar to the « Maisons des Adolescents » treatment centers. Using two clinical vignettes, we highlight the usefulness of placing an evaluation setting within a care-providing structure, the therapeutic perspectives that can be derived from this, such as the opening up of the two places to each other, and ways passing between them can enable us to offer customized treatment to adolescents and young adults.