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Michel Delage, Maryse Petitjean, Aline Delahaye, Jean-Luc Bruno : when the adolescent tests parenthood within a reconstructed family

The family’s reconstruction occasions numerous individual and group changes. These changes touch particularly upon parenthood. In the past family reconstitution occurred after a death and achieved a substitute family. Now it achieves an additional family and the child finds himself confronted with a real « parental constellation ». It often induces him to play an active part in the complex games the grown ups are practicing.
So when he leaves one parent to live with the other, the adolescent revives the old game played between the separated partners. At the same time, his new presence within the reconstituted household strongly tests the marital life of the new couple.
A crisis develops all the more in that the tensions are more often acted than thought. It has consequences on the therapeutic interventions, which are essentially based, at least initially, on a relational classification which must be quick and brief. In fact there is a great risk of the family shattering and of a new separation.