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d. j. kuss, m. d. griffiths : internet video game addiction 

a systematic review of empirical research in the literature
history, and the Internet has emerged as a playground whose playing population is continually growing. Studies suggest that Internet gamers present symptoms traditionally associated with substance addiction, such as mood changes, increased tolerance and behavioral outbursts. Because today’s scientific knowledge of Internet games is abundant and appears relatively complex, this review of the literature aims to reduce the confusion by providing an innovative framework in which all the studies conducted up till now may be categorized. A total of 58 empirical studies are included in this review. There are polemical debates abouThe activity of « playing » has always been part of human t Internet gaming addiction running the gamut from the existence of a past etiology and risk factors, to the development of full-fledged addiction, followed by ramifications in terms of negative consequences and possible treatments. The results are evaluated here and propositions for future research are advanced.

Adolescence, 2012, 30, 1, 17-48.