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Isabelle Charpine Piscaglia, Lionel Domon, Michal Fischer : From the Sensory to Thought: Treatment of an Adolescent Using Packing

This article presents the case of Marie, an adolescent hospitalized in the Adolescent Crisis Ward in Geneva, for whom it was decided to introduce a treatment by packs. This technique is part of a therapeutic approach using corporal mediation. Initially intended for patients with psychotic disorders, its was gradually extended to include situations where there is an alteration of body image in association with various types of pathology.
For Marie, the treatment indication was based on an hypothesis of basic narcissistic fragility, linked with a primary lack of mothering and of protective shields.

Isabelle Charpine Piscaglia, Loraine Biéler : From the Body to the Psyche: Group Body Therapy with Hospitalized Adolescents

The body participates intimately in psychical life, particularly during adolescence. Corporal references are upset and the psychical apparatus works at reformulating its representations of a body that has become pubescent.
In our practice of hospital treatment, we offer group therapy using corporal (or psycho-motor) mediation inscribed around corporal feelings, including the dimensions of sensations, emotions and fantasy. The set-up that we offer enables a therapeutic approach aimed at identifying sensations and putting them into words, then elaborating the perceptions associated with them, while maintaining a setting whose structure is supposed to offset the risk of narcissistic collapse associated with the lifting of certain kinds of splitting.