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Yves-Félix Montagne : pupils and teachers, new inventers, unbeknownst to themselves

This article offers a reading of pairs of pupils’ outbursts/teachers’ responses, as seen from the conceptual field of psychoanalysis, and considers these events as drive creations, the subjective finds of desiring subjects. This postulate is based on the conceptual and practical elaborations of Freud and J. Lacan, which account for events, similar to pupils’ outbursts and teachers’ responses, that arise between patient and therapist in the practice of analytic treatment. This kind of heuristic position allows us to hypothesize that some pupils resort to acting out during class and that the responses elicited from the teacher have to do with « knowing how to handle them ». From this perspective, adolescent inventions and their adult echoes bear witness to a new academic reality that allows adolescents and teachers to build together. These conducts are brought into focus through interpretive analysis of the discourse of the subjects of the lesson as they talk about what they are experiencing.