LAVALLE G. : No time ! Notes on the times contairs 

The paper describes the cure of an adolescent who had been formerly an austistic child suffering from time anxiety, using video as “ symbolizing mediation ” in a day hospital. The author streses quite a few clinical conditions enabling that very adolescent to leave behind a state of chaos and timeless psychotic excitment. The analysis of the psychological impac of video as a technical apparatus enables one to undesrtand that a cathexis in some mastery fixes a nd controls time, whereas the hallucinatory presentifies it again and defers it for a brief moment of eternity. By building some specific containing therapeutic position, the author allows the adolescent to find a new orientation for tme which he can modulate in term of drives then enabling him to create a vital minimum of time continumm. A final clinical sequence shows the passage from a state of anxiety in terms of panic urge, within the tims of separatin, towards the possibility to think with serenity that there may be a time for reunion. From all these observations, the author stresses a few stanpots for a psychoanalytic theory of the severeal times at work in thought processes.