Vincent Dodin : treatments using multi-sensorial mediation

We have developed a psycho-sensorial therapy that we call Multisensorial mediation treatment (SMMS). When dealing with severe forms of anorexia, in which patients seriously abuse their body, we had the idea of offering a particular psychotherapeutic space, in surroundings that are pleasing to the senses, allowing the patient to assume a regressive position that fosters access to childhood memories and archaic psycho-affective impressions. This therapeutic space uses olfactory stimulation by scents chosen during an aromatherapy workshop, combining them with warm enveloping of the body, relaxing music and a dimly lit room. The object of this treatment is help the anorexic patient revisit childhood memories, both pleasant and traumatic, and build a sense of psycho-corporal security which has been lacking until now, within a containing setting.