Pierre Poitou, Benoît Maillet, Lynda Brugallet-Collet, Bruno Burban, Patrick Cottin, Georges Picherot : the team’s art of helping adolescents. fostering safe confrontation

The arrival of the « Maisons des Adolescents » in an already well provided-for landscape of places providing support and care brings us to rethink the way that we cater to adolescents’ clinical needs. The orientation of an adolescent to a specific care facility is never easy. Some « Maisons des Adolescents » have decided that the reception would be carried out by social workers who facilitate the transference both onto the institution and onto its members. The clinical meeting, a highlight in the Maisons des Adolescents’ organization, enables all of the team members to start working with the teenagers. The Clinical meeting also allows for an original clinical experience together with the social workers.