Philippe Gutton : introduction

The objective of this working day with A. Ehrenberg Going is to go back to the theses of La Société du malaise (2010) in the field of adolescence and youth. The individual must not only rely on his personal capacities, in particular his competence, but also on « his subjectivity, his inwardness ». « Individual (“ liberated ”) subjectivity is at the forefront. »

We would suggest that the author’s methodology not refer exclusively to character disorders, as is usually done, but to adolescence as a set of processes of creation and a well-known high point in the process of narcissistic individuation. How does the duel, united movement of de-institutionalizing and psychologizing social relations cause adolescents to suffer, perhaps in an exemplary way, in their supposed normalness and in their contemporary pathologies ? How does this evolution change youths in return ?

Adolescence, 2011, T. 29 n° 3, pp. 545-551.