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François Ladame : What do we call transference love ?

Transference love is love. Its clinical approach is however different according to whether one deals with adolescents or adults. Differences most probably come from the developmental demands, e.g. in particular the imperative urging one to renounce the satisfaction of parricidal and incestuous wishes that are so close at hand. The so-called transference love at adolescence is much closer to a love passion with all the risks at stake, including to lose one’s self within it.

Gilles Rebillaud :  » Do you love me ?  » à propos transference love

This paper describes the case of the analysis of a young twenty-year old woman, the intrusion of the analyst’s daughter within a session triggers off a powerful rivalry effect in the patient. The author then attempts to follow the simultaneous effect of transference and analyzes his embezzlement and his active interventions induced as they are by such a case.

Gianluigi Monniello : amour et subjectalization

The possible paths that the affects of one’s love life may take, starting with the moment when the object is born, then as an investment of oneself and the other, and finally in so-call mature love, are blended together in numerous forms and in the intensity of transference love. Starting with the dynamic between transference and counter-transference at work in the analysis of Antonella, we will see how clinical work sheds light on the many vicissitudes adolescents go through, their infinite symptomatic solutions, the countless pains of their love life, which are linked to their fidelity to the primary identification, to the strength of this loved and hated bond, but also, at the same time, to the reactivation of the process of subjectalization and subjectivation.