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Vanessa de Matteis : seeing or indwelling, the screen of the adolescent body

What is a body behind the screen living through? The screen both reveals and masks. Through two clinical vignettes of sessions conducted through video-conferencing, this article will explore the question the presence and circulation of meaning on both sides of the screen. Is seeing the world while seated in front of a screen really the same thing as taking part in this world? Must one choose between seeing and indwelling?

Adolescence, 2020, 40, 2, 295-308.

Elsa Schmid-Kitsikis : Body and Psyche: Theorization

In light of what is called the clinical treatment of borderline states, the author investigates some notions inscribed within the relations between body and psyche, such as perception, the sensory, sensuality, representation, emotion, affect and auto-eroticism.
Particular importance is given to the place occupied by infantile sensuality in connection with the establishment of auto-eroticism, insofar as sensuality is most often confused with the sensory. These notions still represent a large part of the difficulties psychoanalytical research encounters today. They maintain a narrow relation with the drives’ sphere of influence, but the opposition that has often been asserted to exist between the sensorial-perceptive and the intellectual can no longer be defended.