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Estelle Louët: disorders in reality

Using the psychotherapy of a fifteen-year-old boy, the author offers a theoretical and clinical reflection on the hallucinatory function and its outcomes. When the Ego no longer experiences the hallucinatory image as false, this image acquires an actualizing potential that blurs the boundaries of perception. When hallucination ceases to be a seed for creation and becomes instead a persecutory projection, what powers must the transference deal with?

Adolescence, 2020, 38, 2, 357-368.

Christine Condamin-Pouvelle : the deadly heritage of the golden pavilion

The intrinsic content of the work the Golden Pavilion is analyzed from a psychoanalytical perspective. The correspondences between the novelist Mishima and the young hero Mizoguchi are only alluded to ; the author concentrates more on explaining why the young adolescent, received as a novice in the monastery of the « Golden Pavilion », comes to make the criminal decision to burn the famous temple. The vagaries of the construction of the ego in the pre-Oedipal and Oedipal phases, and the hero’s difficulty in finding a place as a desiring subject are examined. The central question has to do with the peculiar status of the Golden Pavilion within the hero’s psychical economy : reality, fantasy, hallucination, or endo-psychical object ?