Archives par mot-clé : Psychopathy

Florian Houssier, Jean-Yves Chagnon: psychopathy, passages to the act and destructiveness of the object

Exploring some primary qualities of a secure bond, we note what, conversely, can hamper one’s ability to get through the adolescent process; we will connect this argument to the clinical situation of Joshua, an adolescent who suffers from psychopathy. This adolescent’s repeated passages to the act lead to a hypothesis of delusion contained by violent acts replaying a traumatic primal scene.

Adolescence, 2019, 37, 2, 313-323.

Philippe Gutton : turning around and reversal

The reversal into the opposite and the turning round upon oneself are the basic archaic mechanisms of subjectivation, particularly of the pubertaire. It works with material that Green has summed up under the name “ passivation ”. A human third party is required for this. Clinical treatment of the “ adolescent-soldier ” provides a paradigm for the organization in which, in the absence of the third party, the traumatic bi-polarity (victim-tormentor, abused, abuser) repeats itself unchanged.