Archives par mot-clé : Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Vincenzo Bonaminio: the case of bernard

This article presents a clinical treatment that develops from childhood, through adolescence, to young adulthood, from three different perspectives: diagnosis, psychoanalytical psychotherapy and supervision. Are we dealing with a family traumatic pathology, childhood psychosis evolving into an adolescent borderline state, a problem of subjectivation? Interpretive technique will be studied in detail in relation to transference modes.

Adolescence, 2015, 33, 4, 823-835.

Enrico de Vito: individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy at adolescence

Resting on the uniqueness of the psychoanalytic process, the author presents the multifold modalities of cure liable to be used with the psychotherapy of adolescents. He analyzes the several implications towards a therapeutic action of the new discoveries on the development of the new born, and on attachment, as well as in the field of neurosciences.
Besides, the author insists on the assessment phase and the best adaptated indications as well as the goals mainly centered on the rehandling of self-reorganization processes through a research on the psychological representations.