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Raphaël Riand, Philippe Robert: group and adolescence: a place to become oneself

The aim of this article is to understand how, from a psychoanalytical perspective, the group plays a central role in the journey of adolescence. It will sustain the process of dis-investing childhood family relations that seem incestuous, and allow one to turn towards extra-familial object choices. The group and the often-huge investment of it in adolescence ultimately helps one to become oneself and fosters the work of subjectivation.

Adolescence, 2023, 41, 1, 233-246.

Alix Bernard: Subjectivation of the handicap

Through the study of the cases of two deaf patients, this article will offer some thoughts on the subjectivation of the handicap in adolescence. This process seems to be closely tied to the ability of the patient’s environment to welcome his or her desire for autonomy and otherness, and to enable encounters with new love objects and with peers. This necessary pre-condition helps the patient to move from a body that may need rehabilitation to a desiring body and to integrate the handicap as part of his or her being and history.

Adolescence, 2016, 34, 3, 499-510.