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Marie José del Volgo, Roland Gori: the birth of a homosexual passion and the failure of its repression

Mr V. was hospitalized in a psychiatric ward and we met him in the context of an open consultation in the department which receives patients with corporal complaints, whatever the diagnosis. The overwhelming event in Mr V’s life ( his first name means life in FRENCH), stems from a dentist’s root canal operation on his healthy teeth. In the aftermath of this shattering event, an encounter with a man during the same year that Mr V became the father of a son, his words led us in the direction of what could have engendered the psychic conflict and caused the failure of his repression of a homosexuality that the subject could neither represent or integrate. His homosexual passion, unknown and repressed, had led him to a physical and psychic decline as well as to catastrophic complaints contributing to an impasse in a life, up to that moment, without problems. In the staging of his words, the events of the encounter took on a sense, informing him about the homosexuality evoked by paternal words and the failure of his repression.

Françoise Hurstel : the father’s gaze

Few studies have been devoted to the father’s function during the girl’s adolescence. One of these functions, that of the father’s gaze and speech in the development of the feminine, is studied here. This gaze of the father renews the operation of the mother’s gaze in the mirror stage, but on the side of identity. It takes on meaning insofar as the father does not appropriate his daughter as a sexual object and establishes with her a relation characterized by the paternal function.