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Catalina Bronstein: freudian and kleinian approaches on adolecence, yesterday and to day

Both differences and resemblances between FreudÕs and KleinÕs theories on infantile sexuality will here illustrate the vision their followers have on adolescence.
Even if theoretical positions diverge, they may become richer for a better understanding of adolescent processes and their pathologies. The author here gives an example of such a situation by quoting the importance of Moses and Eglé LauferÕs theoretical points of views on the breakdown and experience of bodily transformations at adolescence and of those of the post-KleiniansÕ about the projective and introjective identification processes and the analysis of unconscious fantasies dealing with introjected objects.

Dominique Agostini : the concept of « internal saboteur » in the work of W. R. D. Fairburn

This paper explores the « basic endo-psychical situation » described by Fairburn. This situation is that of a split « ego » ; in other words, a schizoid position that Fairburn considered to be central, and is the basis for his theory of mental structure. The « basic endo-psychical situation » is made up of three structures of the « ego » which, while roughly corresponding to Freud’s tripartite division, are conceived as « ego » structures that are intrinsically dynamic in relation to each other. It is the anti-libidinal ego structure, or « internal saboteur » that occupies the central position in this text.