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Claude Savinaud : A passion for the symbolical

Starting from the clinical experience that some narcissistic pathologies at adolescence stumble against the achievement of a libidinal cathexis due to the love-hate borne by the grandiose and obscene father figure, the author develops the idea of a kind of passional cathexis of the symbolical dimension going beyond the forfeited imago representative in the benefit of a creative, identifying speech aiming at some kind of something beyond the object. Such a cathexis takes the shape of a ” love state ” with the subject no longer grasping, and the idealization of the other person far beyond any form of satisfaction.

François Villa : About the analysis of the birth of enamoration. A clinical vignette.

A clinical vignette casts a new light on the relationships between the primary state of despair and the love state. In such a sequence an eroticization of transference takes place at the very moment when the patient experiences an anticipation of body potentialities which are still unknown to him. He feels them to be close at hand yet still quite difficult to reach. Hence, there surges a huge feeling of solitude and despair at the very moment when the therapist’s presence becomes particularly intense in terms of libido, thus becoming the very centre of the patient’s preoccupations.