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GILLIBERT J. : The retrospection principle within the time of the cure 

Around the logic of a retrospective and prospective time of the analytic cure, the author questions the processus of reminiscence, and of past and non predictive future. One should not attribute the logic of a retrospective temporality to a logic of the unconscious. Sucession never meant consecutiveness or causality. The unconscious, according to Freud, is nothing but the terms, i.e. the thing aura, in other words, what Freud called à “ thing (re) presentation ”. Language cannot be reduced to signs or symbols. No language can say what and who I am. There is a founding and therapeutic grounding breach between the several mecanings and the “ saying ”. Four clinical examples account for it. Indeed symptomatology compels one to believe in some cause and also causes the cause (where psychoanalysis embezzles itself whithin what it termed psychological causality). 

Gisèle Chaboudez : the logical phase of adolescence

Now that there exists in psychoanalysis a logic that can identify the phase of the formation of a subject, like that of a neurosis, we can confirm that adolescence is a decisive logical phase. A time of the retroactive hold of fantasy, it is also the time of the discovery of orgasm, which constitutes what J. Lacan calls a maturation of the object a. The sexual relation discovers its non-conjunction in the man and the woman, whose effect is one of castration for both partners, repeating the symbolic castration that is the outcome of the Œdipus complex.