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JEAMMET Philippe:  Violence carries in itself a deadly dimension

It denies the subjectivity of whoever has to bear it, but reflects mirrorlike a threat on the subfectivy of whoever enacts it. Thus it may be considered as a primary defence reaction from a threatened identity. The experience of institutional life in psychiatry as well as the psychotherapies of subjects suffering from behaviour disorders are a priviledged place to study the latter one. Adolescence is a life stage most liable to expressions of violence due to the nature of the psychological changes that are imposed by puberty. Care should take into account such specificities of the psychological functioning of violent patients. The space for such care should be viewed as a figuration of the internal psychological space of the patient and its handling should be made a means to allow the relationships they need to become tolerable. Mediations and a concrete third function have a very special seat whithin such a handling.


Los ritos de iniciación son característicos de la adolescencia y entre los más organizados que existen, ponen en juego el cuerpo y todo lo relacionado con la sexualidad. Los ritos corresponden a una habilitación de las amenazas que pesan sobre un individuo y sobre un grupo. Son hechos para apoyar a la persona e integrarla en el mundo de los adoults. Deben, por su propia ambigüedad responder a esta situación paradójica, siendo ellos mismos los que pidan lo que en realidad los otros imponen. Permiten una co-creación por el grupo y el individuo de un espacio común de mediación. Evitan así la potencial violencia de la confrontación narcisista de los territorios. Se expresan por el actuar pero dan el paso a una confianza compartida, fundamento de la simbolización.


Initiation rites, among the most organized that exist, are characteristic of adolescence, with their emphasis on the body and everything related to sexuality. The rites are a means of confronting the threats that weigh on the subject and on the group. They are [performed/conducted] to sustain the subject and integrate him into the adult world. Their very ambiguity illustrates a paradoxal situation, that of the subject requesting what is in fact imposed upon him by others. They enable the co-creation of a common space of mediation by the group and the individual, thus avoiding the potential violence of a narcissistic clash over territories. Their meaning is expressed through performance but they open up the path to a shared trust, the bedrock of symbolization.