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Henri Cohen Solal : youth welcomed in the city

The establishment of living spaces for youngsters in poor neighborhoods, which have a fundamental rule of non-exclusion, raises thorny questions about the social and cultural treatment of their life together. What tools do we have for managing this ? How do we use the energies drawn from our desire to do good ? How to we imagine the training of an educator that would answer the challenge of unconditional acceptance ? In Jerusalem, the creation of youth centers with their rules for living, under the aegis of the Beit Ham association, shows us a singular and sometimes stuning experiment where the cultural object often serves as a hyphen bridging the gulf between people.

Stephan Wenger : paranoia and institutional psychotherapy

Andreas is an adolescent who has broken with school. Welded to his mother with whom he forms a bubble with paranoid features, he has very few relationships based on otherness. His time in the Out-Patient Therapeutic Center, an almost unique psychotherapeutic perspective to our mind, will help to recreate thought about himself and develop his abilities to think about his own and others’ thoughts. Thus the institution offers an opportunity to triangulate Andreas’ psychical functioning, as it can for many patients in whom the « third party » is lacking as a psychical function, or is fragile to a harmful degree, and who are inscribed in perpetual movements of « leaving-being invaded) with the object.

Adolescence, 2011 T. 29 n°2, pp. 355-383.