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Pablo Votadoro, Richard Retchman, Sarah Stern : contagious anxiety

The adolescent process sometimes leads to an anxiety about disappearing, of being annihilated, whose main characteristic is that can be shared – and may even be contagious – among one’s family and friends. In this case, it dramatizes itself, most often casting the body as the principle protagonist.

Chantal Boursaux : Rhythm, Libidinal Dynamics, and Temporality in Adolescence

The postulate of the central place of rhythm in psychical life prompts us to spot rhythm issues in clinical practice, and especially in the treatment of adolescent problems where disinvestment is coupled with suspension of time. Two vignettes from day-hospital practice are offered to illustrate how institutional care can, in its own way, take up the challenge of re-animating the desiring, temporal dynamic of the subject through the dynamic of his internal rhythmicity.