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Boris Cyrulnik : attachments and prohibitions

For Freud, infantile sexuality is the glue which binds the child to its parents. Many conflicts have been rooted in such a sexual relationship.
Attachment theory distinguishes between the sexual dynamic and the attachment dynamic.
This point of view is supported by recent ethnological evidence suggesting that attachment and sexuality are linked to the « International Working Model ».
It is mainly when attachment is insecure that sexuality is likely to develop in an unfortunate way*.*.

Michel Delage : Solitude and the Failure to Attain Autonomy : The Place of a Family-Based Approach to Therapy

On the way to becoming autonomous, the adolescent sometimes meets with solitude. Some pathological conduct, such as running away or “ false-starts ”, seem to bear witness to this, being both an expression of the malaise the adolescent feels, and an appeal to the other. As a relations theory, the theory of attachment offers a model for understanding these situations where coherence must be centred on the interpersonal and on the possibility of family therapy interventions. In this direction the two concepts of “ resonance ” and of “ floating object ” hold much interest.