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SAVINAUD C. :The meaning of the unmendable 

Criminal acting at adolescence may be acknowledged as a passing acting coming to ponctuate the necesary transformation of the body image proper wherefrom the rehandling of parental images surge. Eregeneous masochism plays foremost part aiming at substituting unatainable object representation to an already -there object, i.e. the body of the adolescent carriyng the maternal introject. The reversal of the drive over on to oneself and into its reverse offers him a means to contain excitement, a fragile self-control keeping the bond between aggressive and libido drives and transforming such a negative self-eroticism into moral masochism. The unmendable of acting operates as a starting point of subjectivization in the course of which the Subject can make his own crack ups rater than projectively granting them to the context.