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Véronique Laurent, Simon Duchêne, Claire Lathière: dynamic of the institution as group

Using the model of the institution-as-group, this article points out a transformative process affecting individual and group psychic envelopes. The contingencies of the gradual internalization of the setting remind us that for some adolescents the work of differentiating borders and re-establishing a skin around thoughts must come before any focus on repressed content. The group’s self-reorganizing abilities support these changes.

Adolescence, 2016, 34, 1, 65-82.

Sylvie Le Poulichet: creating paradoxical sensorial envelopes

On the basis of strange sensorial formations and theories that seem like delusions, this article will present the notions of “creation of paradoxical sensorial envelopes” and “fantasy theories of adolescence”. The reliance on sensoriality is neither a deficiency nor a regression, but rather a paradoxical creation, both protecting and persecuting, which enables the elaboration in the transference of repressed traces of the infantile sexual unconscious, joined with corporal and fantasy compositions proper to adolescence.

Adolescence, 2014, 32, 4, 809-820.

Saverio Tomasella : brand names

One important cultural phenomenon concerning virtuality and adolescence may be the latter’s addiction to brand names.
Like the image, the brand, a modern equivalent of mythology, could be both an object and a relation. This would transform the perspective from which it is analyzed, particularly with regard to the bonds that adolescents maintain with brand names.