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Antoine Masson, Michel Heinis, Tanguy de Foy, Raphaëlle de Menten, Guy Mertens : passado : proposal for an internet dialogue environment for the passage into adolescence

The dialogue environment www. aims to inscribe the adolescent passage where it is happening: it fans out through the communication techniques of the Internet and e-mail, while safeguarding the essential functions guaranteeing this passage.
Adolescents who register can share their thoughts as wells as their vulnerability, experiences and temptations in the utmost confidentiality. All of these are issues that need to be expressed and find a resolution in a non-disastrous manner. Each participant may choose a pseudonym, appearing as an anonymous double, which allows him to stage his own self and thus learn to tame it.
The role of the third party is particularly emphasized. The plurality of answers and reactions offers an outlet which would not be possible in a classical therapeutic setting. The preservation of the threads of each exchange is essential, too, as much in the dialogue environment, where each participant can return to his original statements in order to re-appropriate them, as in the public space of the website where themes brought out by these dialogues can be pinpointed by counselors and transcribed.