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Graziella Gilormini, Isée Bernateau: Maladie chronique et subjectivation

Adolescence is the time of metamorphosis, of encountering the other. But well before the onset of puberty, the child who has received a diagnosis of chronic illness is obliged to confront the arrival of a disquieting stranger who pounces on him: disease. How does puberty fit in with a body already marked by illness? Would not the emergence of the sexual body be a way of truly appropriating the sick body?

Adolescence, 2016, 34, 3, 551-561.

Marc-Antoine Podlipski, Claire Gayet, Priscille Gérardin : pediatrician and child psychiatrist : a well-tempered duet

Using our in-hospital experience with chronically ill adolescents, we will try to develop the singularity of a clinical treatment such as we envisage it at « Maison des Adolescents », where every day there are consultations in which pediatricians, child psychiatrists, psychologists and other professionals take part. Taking as an example the situation of Stéphane, a diabetic adolescent of Flemish origins, we will give an outline of our interdisciplinary approach, essentially ecumenical, between practical questions of treatment and the realities of family life.